Auto Accident Injuries

Were you involved in a car accident?  Are you feeling headaches, neck or back pain/stiffness?  Early chiropractic intervention may lead to faster full recovery.

Did you know?

According to recent research, you can get concussion without direct head trauma to have a concussion – Rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head and neck can cause the brain to impact against one side of the cranium then to the other side.  It happens most often in whiplash injury or slip-and-fall accidents.  In addition, according to Center for Disease Control (CDC), it may or may not involve a loss of consciousness.

According to  American Medical Association, Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, decreased range of motion, continued muscle spasms, and discal pathology all are included symptoms for permanent impairment rating – if left untreated, it may persist for a very long time – which are symptoms most often involved in motor vehicle collision patients.

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Dr. Kelvin Yoo at EVOLVE Integrative Health has the knowledge, experience, and treatment protocols for all types of car accident related injuries.  Whether it may be a minor accident or a major crash, we can provide you the services and treatment you need.

  • Completed Post-Doctorate Certification in “Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Traumatology” from Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD)
  • Experience in working at an Orthopedic Specialist clinic that specialized in car accident injuries only (evaluated and treated over 1000 patients)
  • Extensive knowledge in soft-tissue injuries related to whiplash injury as well as best-outcome treatment protocols
  • Co-manage patients with other medical specialists for best outcome of the patient’s recovery whenever necessary
  • Certification in  “X-ray Supervisor and Operator Permit”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I seek help from a chiropractor within first two weeks?

A: Many recent researches have demonstrated that early intervention of mechanical traction (such as physician guided stretching), light myofascial massage, and joint manipulations are clinically superior to taking medication alone in treating cervical acceleration/deceleration (whiplash) injuries.  By having early intervention, chiropractic care can reduce pain, promote healing, and restore joint range of motion effectively and safely, which will reduce the chances of undergoing more invasive procedures.

Q: Do Chiropractic physicians work with other specialists such as neurologist, orthopedic surgeons, and pain management doctors?

A: Dr. Yoo at EVOLVE Integrative Health has extensive experience in helping whiplash and/or accident-related injuries.  If the patient demonstrates significant symptoms that require medication management and/or more invasive interventions (such as injections or surgery), the patient will be referred to a specialist for a second opinion and/or co-management of the patients.

Q: I got hurt from a car accident, but it was my fault.  Can I still seek medical help?

A: First thing you should do is to see if you have Med-Pay from your auto insurance.  Mad-Pay is available for most auto insurance companies for small extra fee (sometimes $3 per month!), and it pays for any medical expenses that you may require regardless of who was at fault.

Q: ER doctor told me to take medications and rest, but I still have pain.  What do I do?

A: Emergency physicians are very knowledgeable and extremely effective at ruling out any life-threatening injuries (such as fractures, internal bleeding, etc.).  However, ER is not design to treat whiplash-related soft tissue injuries.  Researches have shown that longer you wait for treatment, more it is likely that the patients will have chronic pain and joint restrictions.   Therefore, it is highly recommended that you to seek help as soon as you get a clearance from ER from a physician who have dealt with auto accident patients.

Q: ER doctor told me my CT-Scan came out normal.  Am I okay?

A: Although CT scans are great in ruling out fractures and internal bleeding, it does not detect discal pathology and ligamentous injuries as well as MRI scans.  There have seen many of patients who showed significant disc protrusions from MRI results after normal CT scan results from ER.    

Q: Should I retain an attorney?

A: Whether you want to seek a legal help depends on many different factors.  Nonetheless, should you want to obtain a legal representation, Dr. Yoo can give recommendations from a list of attorneys he had worked with in the past.  

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