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EVOLVE Integrative Health accepts motor vehicle accidents (MVA), motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other accident-related injury patients on lien basis.  

We have extensive experience with treating personal injury patients.  We always strive to provide accurate diagnosis, effective treatments, and professional yet friendly environment to make your clients feel comfortable and receive excellent care in Anaheim Hills, CA region.

We always closely monitor the progress, and ultimately meet the goal of recovery of your clients.

We will provide the facility to reflect the values of your firm, particularly with respect to the critical importance of providing excellent patient service, communication, attention to detail and passion for serving your clients.

Dr. Kelvin S. Yoo will provide comprehensive, colossus friendly final narrative report for all patients

  • Experience in managing over 1000 patients ethically and successfully
  • Comprehensive final report ranging from 8 to 15 pages, with over 1 page of detailed history
  • Will communicate with attorneys before obtaining imaging (including MD referrals and MRIs)
  • Report will be followed in Colossus friendly format

Patients with significant neurologic deficits and/or positive MRI findings will be referred to an Orthopedic/Neuro Specialist for second opinion as well as for medication management.

  • Dr. Kelvin Yoo understands multi-disciplinary collaboration is the key in success nowadays. He makes sure that every patient gets best care by medical doctor referrals when it is appropriate and/or necessary.

Final Narrative Report is sent out within 3 business day

  • We promise to send out all the medical records within 3 working business days from the date of patient discharge.

Impairment Ratings will be included in the report (per request)

  • Impairment Ratings are included according to AMA Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition

For your personal injury patients in cities of Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, and Orange regions, trust Kelvin S. Yoo, D.C. at EVOLVE Integrative Health. 


You may contact Kelvin S. Yoo, D.C. directly at [email protected]  or (562) 756-1391


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