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A Message to Our Patients About Arbitration
We ask our patients to sign our arbitration agreement as part of their initial intake process. Arbitration is a popular option being used to reduce the cost and time involved with malpractice settlements. With arbitration, instead of your claim being heard by a judge or jury, the facts are heard by a panel of three arbitrators. The three arbitrators make a legally binding decision. One arbitrator is selected by you, the patient, one is selected by the physician, and the third is jointly selected from a list of trained arbitrators. With arbitration you are still able to have an attorney assist you during the process.

The benefits of arbitration include time, money, and privacy. Binding arbitration has benefits for both doctors and patients. The California Supreme Court has noted that arbitration is speedier and less costly than are jury trials for resolving disputes between doctors and patients. Both parties are spared some of the rigors of trial, and the publicity which may accompany judicial proceedings. In addition, because virtually no appeals of an arbitrated award are allowed, the prevailing party can expect either prompt payment or prompt dismissal of the case without facing the lengthy appeals process. A medical liability lawsuit often takes years by the time it is resolved in court. With arbitration, settlements can often be completed in months.

The amount recovered is not limited by arbitration and does not take away your right to sue for unlawful practices. An award can be just as much as in a court trial. You will receive a greater proportion of your settlement as your legal costs will be a fraction of what they would be in a court trial. Your medical records and information are kept private in an arbitration proceeding whereas in a court trial they are made public.

Our goal is to provide you with quality healthcare to fully meet your needs. We know that most problems begin with communication. Therefore, if you have any questions about your care, please contact us.